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Spectra Broadband is an industry wide leader in full-service outsourcing We specialize in residential and business technical fulfillment and installations for the telecommunication and cable companies. In addition, our construction division supports and provides services for telecommunications and many other industries. Our industry-leading performance as a resource partner has been obtained by a company-wide commitment—never accept anything short of being the best in all projects we engage. Let Spectra Broadband demonstrate for you our track record—to be pro-active in all aspects of representing you, our client, and to quickly learn what it takes to excel in your markets.

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Spectra Broadband Communications has been at the leading edge of the technological advances and innovation in the telecommunications industry for many years. Spectra Broadband is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and has operating branch offices throughout the country.

Spectra Broadband’s executive team has decades of experience representing all facets of media service and distribution companies. Our unparalleled experience and comprehensive capabilities across any aspect of a client’s delivery systems in sales, technical support, or customer support make impact felt immediately.


There are several notable characteristics of Spectra Broadband’s culture and it has to do with the best people working smart.

People – Successful and sustainable companies have value-added employees working for solution-oriented performance and goals. Spectra Broadband is successful and sustainable, and is a direct reflection of its people. Recognizing employees are its most valuable asset, Spectra Broadband is confident in our team’s ability in professionally representing your organization.

Work expectation – At Spectra Broadband, we understand the concept of working smart. We work harder than any company to efficiently and effectively implement what we have learned. These are not secrets to any business success. We just work harder at doing business smart. In all of our efforts, you, the client, stand well-positioned to benefit equally with us.

Among other respectable qualities, at Spectra Broadband, we are known for our style. We are easy to work with. We are hard-working, adaptive, professional, thorough, and innovative. We know the benefits of and enjoy the process in effectively building and maintaining productive and transparent relationships with our clients.

Ethics – At Spectra Broadband, we are committed to fostering a business environment where fair, honest, respectful dealings with each other, our clients and their customers, competitors, suppliers, government agencies, and the communities we operate are everyone’s responsibility. Our unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards of business conduct is a core value that is strongly sanctioned by all people in our organization at any level.


Spectra Broadband is the result of a collaboration of companies with seasoned industry professionals synergized to better support its clients. Since first beginning as a sales and marketing firm, Spectra Broadband saw the need to better meet needs of media operators by becoming proficient in servicing all aspects of customer acquisition and retention. The company is a pioneer and innovator in technical operations sector, and also has a division to handle retention in back end and customer support. The outcome is Spectra Broadband, the preferred partner company whose sole purpose allows media service operators and distributors to “plug and play” their brand into a value-added resource partner.


Spectra Broadband feels it has the best executive leadership team to manage its resources. Leadership is extended down to every level of operations to the degree where the job is completed in the most professional, timely, and efficient manner. This mentality is not only empowering for our employees and more efficient for all involved, it is also the reason we are a leader in the industry.


At Spectra Broadband, we are continually implementing best practice methodologies across all divisions and departments, with a solution oriented approach. One example would be our training practices and certifications to ensure all employees are above standard. Our procedures and practices were recently recognized for their value-added benefit to our existing client base.

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