Green Spectra Broadband

Green Spectra Broadband

Spectra Broadband commits in theory, word, and deed to do its part in helping the environment. In this quest, Spectra Broadband has implemented key initiatives to help offset its impact on and carbon footprint in the environment.


Spectra Broadband’s entire fleet of vehicles is GPS equipped. This tool leverages technology, fuel resources, and time. With the ability to dynamically dispatch the closest service provider to the waiting service address, unnecessary resources are conserved and better utilized.

Further, with fuel management reports, Spectra Broadband policies allow for necessary operation of motor vehicles while at the same time help employees feel ownership of doing their part in environmental conservancy of oil resources by maintaining optimal and safe speeds and reducing unnecessary idling.

Paperless Office

Spectra Broadband has invested significantly into a paperless office environment. As Spectra Broadband continues to implement its paperless office environment, the impact into our landfill and conserving global forest has been evident. Where integration of a paperless environment at Spectra Broadband does not exist, recycling and reusing resources is encouraged. All routing, billing and invoicing systems across all divisions are a reflection of Spectra Broadband’s commitment to do its part to preserve the environment.

Spectra Broadband’s Revolution

Spectra Broadband recognizes that Green initiatives must be more than faddish. Without a complete commitment to more responsible ways of conducting business, the beauty and quality of our earth and environment will not be sustainable for our children and beyond. Seeing an opportunity to make a difference, Spectra Broadband again sees and accepts its responsibility to be the industry leader.

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