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Spectra Broadband has a complete spectrum of service for most business related needs for media service operators and telecommunication companies. Technical installation and fulfillment, alarm installation, premise wiring, fiber optic network systems, trenching and direction boring, audit, non-pay disconnects are included as part of our services. Spectra Broadband can support your vision for expansion or support your existing customer base. We seamlessly mesh with our partner’s management and staff and processes by using best practices in every area of our engagement. Additionally, Spectra Broadband services can be tailored to the needs and scope of most any project.

Our internal routing and dispatching, in all departments, is dynamic and functional for all involved in the operation. Further, our internal quality assurance department is such that operator requirements are actual results. This efficiency translates into lower cost for outsourced services to operators. We continually strive to add-value to media operators and distributors so that our partnership is such that both Spectra Broadband and clients are successful.

All employees are background and banned-substance tested, as well as trained and certified respective to the department they work.


Spectra Broadband has superior resources working in the media service industry. From concept and design to connecting services at end-user locations, Spectra Broadband has the competence and expertise to handle all aspects across the technical spectrum.

Residential/Commercial Fulfillment

Spectra Broadband excels at customer education and service. It’s because we understand that a well-educated customer is a more satisfied customer and one that will retained well beyond statistical averages by operators. Our expertise with the customer is as valuable as the deliverables they are paying for. Spectra Broadband has a superior record in residential, commercial, alarm installations, or stand alone services.

Spectra Broadband prides itself as being an early adopter to require all employees be certified by an industry recognized third-party certification company. Training of this nature is done by having exceptional, real life training facilities to imitate. For example, our relationships in the alarm industry allows for us to have a live test account to better train technicians how to be prepared to handle a typical, live install.

At Spectra Broadband we pride ourselves as a resource partner who as repeatedly proven competence by rising to the top of key performance indicators when measured among other vendors and also client, in-house crews. It is this passion for success—to be the best—that drives all in our organization.


Handling all facets of fiber build-outs and installations at the end-user premise is a specialty to Spectra Broadband technical operations. Our experience and proven performance gives operators comfort in knowing this infrastructure is in good hands.

Plant and Infrastructure

Whether designing, building, or consulting on deployments of new or existing networks and delivery systems, Spectra Broadband expertise stands able to meet deadlines with deliverables detailed to specifications and recommendations.

No different than building a house or commercial building, there needs to be expertise along the way that addresses real-time problems that arise on the site. Similarly, with any investment in infrastructure, having Spectra Broadband technical expertise manage the project will help to insure that all specifications and requirements will be met. Whether it be fiber, wireless, and legacy infrastructures Spectra Broadband can be entrusted to build or maintain operator’s business critical assets.

System Audits

Whether it’s supplementing partner retail locations or dispatching complete teams of sales representatives, Spectra Broadband knows that subscriber acquisition is critical to all media service providers. But acquisition is more than bring on more subscribers. It’s about relationships, education, and good representation of product information that allows Spectra Broadband to surpass rivals.

Home Security and Automation Installation
From commercial to residential alarm systems and video surveillance to full automation fulfillment. We cover installs for wireless, wired, and low voltage security systems. Fully certified technicians with burglar alarm state licensing. Experienced technicians with a focus on customer service.

Providing directional boring, trenching, installation of underground utilities, and excavation. With years of experience in the industry, our skilled professionals and quality tools and materials make us your go-to source for all your construction needs.

From install and fulfillment to construction we’ve got you covered
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